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Roof Cleaning

Cleaning your roof can significantly increase the life of your shingles and make your home look new brand again!

Did you know…the black streaks on your shingle roof are algae, which continues growing until it is killed. Tew & McCollum provides safe, non-pressure shingle roof cleaning services to kill the algae, erase black streaks and roof stains, and revitalizing the beauty of your roof! Our roof cleaning methods use only detergents recommended by the manufacturer and applied without pressure of any kind. This process makes your roof look newer and last longer. Our non-pressure Roof Washing Service is the ONLY cleaning & organic pollutant mitigation method approved by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturer’s Association (ARMA).


Our cleanings are backed with a 2-year No Grow warranty!

 We use proprietary solutions to remove those ugly roof stains. Our process kills 99.9% of mildew and algae, sanitizing the roof and inhibiting return of growth.

That is why we do not offer a maintenance service, but we guarantee a “No Grow” clean for 2 years, or we will retreat your roof.

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